HoEV Samir Ponkshe

A mechanical engineer by profession, I joined my father’s business in 1994. We used to cater to diesel engine...
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

A mechanical engineer by profession, I joined my father’s business in 1994. We used to cater to diesel engine vehicles as mechanics, but we shut it down last year owing to the decline and eventually phasing out of the ICE vehicles that is projected in the coming decade.
Since we were well versed with the automotive industry, understanding the need of the hour and the uprising of trends, we figured the diversification into Electric Vehicle bike showrooms would be the way ahead!

Today we are the authorized sellers of Joy EV in Sangli & around Maharashtra-Karnataka borders.
The rise of petrol above the 100 rupees mark is when the psychological barriers of the general public towards EVs started to shatter! The surge of enquiries and a generally more acceptable attitude is testimony to this. Installing an AC charger at my site brings in around 6-7 cars each month, and this number is bound to increase in the coming years. EV owners who drive down to Goa used to take a 50KM detour to my site for charging, but then that was before TATA Power came up with it’s extensive network across these highways.

My personal switch to EV happened almost a decade ago, when YO bikes were introduced! I got one in the family, and it worked well for a while, but since the battery packs were lead acid based, the bike slowly died down. After opening my dealership, I started using an Okinawa, which my son uses even today to commute to college. It did give us it’s fair share of battery issues, but we were resilient and patient.
What actually motivated me to get my 4-Wheeler Electric Vehicle is when I had a Hyundai Kona overtake me on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. I was taken aback as to how far EV technology had progressed and I really wanted to get the Kona, but due to it’s hefty price tag, I waited for the Nexon EV. The test drive was so smooth I booked it immediately! As I was returning home, the realization struck, that with the range that these EVs have to offer, a robust charging infrastructure is essential. That is when I decided to take up the distributorship of EV chargers. We now do business across 5 districts and expansion plans are underway.
I have completed over 45K KMs in my Nexon EV, while my other ICE car has become the secondary vehicle. In my city of residence, Sangli, there are now over 20 EVs, and I’m proud to say I have been the Early Adopter who has helped all of them make this decision!