Pune witnesses the Black Day for fuel prices or is there more to it?

Pune witnesses the Black Day for fuel prices or is there more to it?
August 18, 2022

Almost to hit three-figure status, petrol and diesel prices are ready to mark their century this decade, still wondering on why to switch to EV?

Fuel prices have been hiking now for almost 10-days continuously in a row, some states have already marked three-figure numbers and some are almost trying to reach that target.

With the advent of this new week, bringing in lots of hopes, aspirations and positivity across, we didn’t realise that the crude oil prices had some other plans for us.

The crude oil prices collapsed in April 2020, due to people being in their homes surging to a fall in it’s demand.

"There are two main reasons behind the fuel price rise. The international market has reduced fuel production and manufacturing countries are producing less fuel to gain more profit. This is making the consumer countries suffer," said Union petroleum and natural gas and steel minister Dharmendra Pradhan

The analysts had already seen the foresight that there might be more hike in these prices, and guess what they were right.

If we match the prices in Pune region only, the offset of the year marked petrol prices at ₹89 and as the near year began, with five months past, the numbers have flipped and is ₹98 already, still 7 months to go for the surge to happen.

Not sure, if Indian cricket players will make centuries in this forthcoming World Cup, but fuel prices will in respective India states.

Keeping the pun aside, what brings to our notice is that electric is the need of the hour, we all knew it, but wait, we really need to understand Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and realise the importance of this NEED. ( A theory of motivation which states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual's behavior.)

For an instance, just forget the part that how much pollution and global warming will it save, and think over the fact that how much money in your pocket will be saved?

Got the chills already?

If such a surge continues to happen ( which definitely it will), EV owners will definitely will rule the market and become the future millionaires.