The Road To Sustainable Living - Pune Societies Edition

In December 2021, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) hosted the first City Electric Vehicle (EV) Accelerator...
August 18, 2022

In December 2021, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) hosted the first City Electric Vehicle (EV) Accelerator workshop with the vision to drive adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) in Pune.

The Municipal Commissioner of Pune, Vikram Kumar, along with the many leaders of the state have singled out a strategic readiness plan to grow the effectiveness of EV vehicles across the city, and to implement projects to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel driven transports. Apart from encouraging private EV consumptions, the leaders are also fueling efforts to transform public transport to 500 electric buses by March 2022.

The government is also prompting residents and residential societies to invest in EV’s and EV charging stations by offering property tax rebates to those who are investing in the EV infrastructure. Societies in Pune are evolving into smarter and greener spaces by installing the EV Charging Stations as one of their initiatives towards a sustainable environment.

In addition to reduced property tax, EV owners will benefit from convenient, safe and economical infrastructure of charging for their electric vehicles, while residential properties will benefit by having an additional amenity of EV charging stations and provide an environment friendly living.

This has served as an opportunity for goEgoNetwork to spread their wings and mission across Pune city by installing charging amenities in 80 societies in Pune, with a target of 500 societies in the coming months. A recent addition to their portfolio is Bella Casa where 2 stations were installed for Electric 2 Wheelers and 2 stations for Electric 4 Wheelers respectively. The society also aims to create an eco-friendly environment for the residents of Bella Casa by raising awareness among residents to switch to EV for a more sustainable option.