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Our in house services are aimed to familiarise our clients with the charging solutions. We believe in transparency and ease, by defining our services into three processes - Site Survey, Installation and AMC.

Site Survey

A pre-installation recce is conducted before installing the charging station to establish the feasibility and safety of the installation site.

We are different because we educate the customer on the most favourable location so the site is safe for both the Electric Vehicle and the charging solutions.

Site inspection to check for power and network availability, location, cable routing, power quality and availability of earthing.

Fill up and submit a survey form to determine the best location.

Direct the customer in getting extra power load from DISCOM if needed.

Guide the customer through pre-installation in case of electrical or civil work for visibility and safety of the charging station.


Our installations are carried by trained installation partners, strictly adhering to goEgo Standard operating procedures for site survey and operations.

We are different because our chargers are installation-ready with the goal to complete the installation activity in a minimum time.

Engage installation partners pan India to proceed with installation once the site feasibility report is received.

Dispatch the charging stations directly to the location and inform the customers at every stage.

Installation partner is informed once confirmation of delivery is done. Installation activity is done within a day wherein the charging stations are mounted on a pole or wall.

Onboarding the charging station and provision for additional protection as an MCB for safety is also installed.

Assist customers if needed, on video call for demo. Demo videos for installation are also available on YouTube.

Annual Maintenance

With our goCONNECT portal, we can view all the live charging stations in our control center in Pune, and any fault in the charging station is immediately displayed on the screen to take preventive actions for resolution.

We are different because our charging stations are IP 54 certified. In case of a hardware issue, replacement of the component will resolve the problem, without replacing the entire charging station.

Cater to Software and Hardware issues.

Priority based remote resolution of software Issues is conducted. Service engineers are assigned the task to replace the component in the event of detection of Hardware issues.

Fixed SLAs for these issues are strictly adhered to. In the case of network issues partners are aligned to resolve them promptly.

Dedicated workforce available to connect with the customer in case of adversity or technical issues within the charging station, wallet, top up, how to charge the vehicle, hardware, support and any kind of service requirement.

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