Unmanned cloud based automated solution

goCONNECT is an in-house charging management software with remote management designed to intuitively connect and interact with charging stations.

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The aim of the portal is to help in effortless management to remotely configure and manage the charging stations.

What does the portal have to offer ?

Comprehensive Data Analytics

Remote management

Role-Based access management

Captive solutions for exclusive members

Dynamic rate cards

SaaS enabled white label solution

Workflow approval and audit history

Map view of charging stations

Charge station Incident notification

An efficient overview to monitor and control the charge point network is suitable for

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

I offer charging services to EV drivers. I’m looking to offer my customers more charging stations.

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Local Charge Point (LCP)

I operate charging points. I’m looking to offer my charging stations to more EV drivers.

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eMobility Service Provider (EMSP)

I’m looking to enter the market or further develop my eMobility services.

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