Two cars getting charged up at goEgo Network's ev charging station
A couple riding scooter besides goEgo Networks's ev charger
Two cars outside home getting charged by  goEgo Network's ev charger
Powering our sustainable future

Your one-stop EV solution.

Pioneers in delivering quality EV (Electric Vehicle) charging infrastructure. Building a robust network of smart charging stations in India!

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We take the battery health of your EV very seriously!

Developed by our R&D team, innovative solutions and attention to every possible aspect is guaranteed.

Highest Safety Standards
Low Energy Losses
High Output
RFID Enabled
Smart Charging for
Load Balancing
Rain & Dust proof
(IP54 Rated)
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How we keep your EV charged up?

Car charging from goEgo Network's ev charging station

Personal Charging

For the people who love to have access to quality charging without any dependencies at any time of the day.

Girl reading novel while scooter getting charge  from goEgo Network's ev charger

Captive Charging

For communities like residential societies, offices, institutions, fleet owners who has shared vision for sustainable future.

goEgo Network's ev charging stations

Public Charging

For businesses likes malls, shops, EV charging stations who want to empower the EV revolution in India and earn.


goME - All you need to find & reserve your convenient charging station.

Real time status and availability of stations
Reserve a slot / Subscribe to availability alerts
Access preferred charging stations through Favorites
Add your EV to automatically filter compatible stations
Add credits to your goME Wallet and charge with ease
One app to charge for all types of goEgo chargers
Download goMe EV Charging iOS App
Download goMe EV Charging Android App
photo of phone with goME App's user interface
Charging management software

With goConnect, managing your charging stations is an intuitive and efficient affair


Comprehensive Data Analytics

Access information and data logs about the charge points though well designed dashboards, multi-dimensional reports and real time status updates, notifications and alerts.


Remote Management

Control your charge points, set dynamic and smart rate profiles based on demand-analysis or for an event duration. Configure your charge points with convenience of sitting at office/home.


Role Based Access Management

Configure roles for the software to ensure that your team could access precise data and control for better operability and productivity.


goEgoNetwork for a greener future

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