Browser based solution for hassle free charging

goCHARGE is an independent web application designed for users with the intent to charge their EVs without the need for the goME app. It is a unique web-based application, a feature which is our USP.

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A platform independent of the goME app for those who are on the run. It is a unique web-based application which outlines our USP.

What does the web application have to offer?

This is a lightweight and non-compulsive solution

It does not require downloading any application to start our charging stations.

Top-up is automatically synced to your application.

QR code scanning is available on the charging station.

The application supports wallet recharge of any given amount.

With “Scan and Charge”, members can charge at any charging station on the network.

View the summary of the charging session once it is completed.

See reviews given by other members at the charging station using the goCharge portal.

Get access to charging rates and charging station availability.

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