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The White-Label EV Charging Management Platform

White-label EV charging management platform to bring your brand to the forefront and accelerate your EV charging leadership.

goME App

Convenient charging with goME mobile app

The robust network of goEgo charging station can be easily located using the goME app. It is a one-stop solution that offers a world of solutions to EV owners and drivers.

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Charger Management made effortlessly easy

goConnect is a smart cloud-based charger management platform for anyone who has a charger, and wants to deploy, manage and grow their EV charging network.

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Comprehensive Data Analytics

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Captive solutions for exclusive members

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Remote management

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Role-Based access management

What does the goConnect have to offer?


goConnect’s unique dashboard allows you to visualize data at a glance for all your EV charging stations.

Manage Users

Invite users to access your private chargepoint and manage their access-type, timings and pricing.

Customised Reports

Decide what information you want to receive on your network reports.


Create hierarchy in your team and provide different members varying roles and responsibilities.

Connector-Level Control

Change configuration of every individual chargepoints in a chargepoint.

RFID Support

Provide RFID Support for customers for quick payment and authentication during charging.

White-Label EV Charging Mobile App

Our white-label EV charging management software helps you to start and run your own EV charging business on a smart platform. Provide your customers with a seamless charging experience in their language, currency, and tax regulations.

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User-Friendly interface

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Find charging stations

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Session and transaction history

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Payments and Wallets

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Charge card management

Book a comprehensive product demo

Book a live demonstration session with our Electric Vehicle Charging specialists to uncover the ways our platform can benefit your operations.

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Enhance operational efficiency

Effectively oversee charging stations from a distance, lower expenses, boost network dependability, and guarantee customer contentment.

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Maximize your network's profitability

Establish adaptable pricing structures for electric vehicle users, offer a range of billing strategies, and provide revenue-sharing possibilities for your business-to-business clients and collaborators.

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Ensure the longevity of your enterprise

Seamlessly expand your business with our adaptable solutions, hardware-neutral software, API integrations, and additional features.

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