HoEV - Nisha Bhimsaria

I am a doctor currently residing in Gurgaon. Although my acquaintance...
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

I am a doctor currently residing in Gurgaon. Although my acquaintance and love for Electric Vehicles started a few years ago as a result of my understanding of its many benefits towards conserving our nature as well as being a boon to us by replacing the high fuel costs, I only booked my first EV, Tata Nexon XZ + from Bangalore in December 2020 and received the delivery on 6 Jan 2021. 

My decision to buy an EV was driven by my intense research on the same, which was initiated by my desire to invest in an automatic diesel vehicle. Since I have a knee problem from an accident I met with many years ago, an automatic vehicle was a must for me. As and when I continued to research on EVs, I realized how cost-effective and environmentally friendly they are which was a win-win situation for me indeed. 

I drove test Kia, MG, Hyundai, and many others, but somehow decided upon the Tata Nexon, which gives me a great mileage, and is a perfect investment for me in terms of good returns also since I travel back to my hometown, Indrapurum on the weekends. 

However, the major challenge I face is the charging stations and their availability across. It is too hot to charge during the day, and the usage of charging stations might be confusing for people who aren't too tech-savvy. My suggestion would be for the government to introduce more subsidiaries and informative campaigns so that everyone is aware of the utility, functionality, and infrastructure of charging stations. 

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my decision to invest in an EV, and would most certainly stick to one in the future as well.