HoEV - Prachi Desai

I am originally a resident of Mumbai and only recently moved to Pune after my marriage...
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

I am originally a resident of Mumbai and only recently moved to Pune after my marriage. I have been working in the IT industry for over 9 years now, and since the pandemic, a lot of changes across industries and organizations have taken place, which made the hybrid work model a cultural norm. Although due to my schedule of working from home most days of the week, my requirement of a mode of transport is quite limited, even so, since I didn't have any two-wheeler in Pune, I decided to purchase one.

While I did my own research on which two-wheeler to purchase, it was even my friends and acquaintances that suggested why don't I try an EV. Since I already have a Honda Activa back at home in Mumbai, I decided to give it a shot and took the big leap into the electric world. It was in March this year that I got my hands on the Ather 450 X, and I must say it has been quite a delight to ride this EV.

My main motive for the purchase of the EV was to ride it for the city commute, which is not more than 20-30 Kms daily. My office is 7 Kms from my home, which I visit twice a week, so most of my bike usage happens over the weekend. The best part of owning an EV is the guilt-free travel and the knowledge that you are not contributing to the pollution and dangers that are causing climate change. I feel like a hero who is a big part of saving the environment by opting for a vehicle that has zero carbon emissions. This decision of choosing an EV has also made me very environmentally conscious and has helped me in seeking eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in my everyday living.

My favorite part of the EV is that it makes absolutely no noise which is a very uncommon factor, especially in ICE 2-wheelers. Although it is so peaceful to ride the bike without any noise, sometimes the pedestrians on the road, and fellow commuters don't realize there is a vehicle approaching since there is absolutely no noise whatsoever. This may seem something that needs getting used to, however, I believe this is suitable since it will make us all, all the more aware and conscious of our surroundings and help us restructure our sensory notions.

In terms of the charging infrastructure I never really experienced much of an issue, since the goEgo chargers are installed within my society premises, making it extremely easy and convenient to charge at any time you need. It is like having a petrol station within your society! It takes me 3-4 hours to fully charge my bike which is sufficient for my commute requirements.

I am quite happy and satisfied with my purchase and charging experience and would like to see what more initiatives are taken by the Government and what more technological innovations await us in the future of EV transformation in India.