HoEV - Nishant Bhatambrekar

I moved back to India with my wife in 2019 from UAE, where I lived for 13 years and worked as an IT professional.
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

I moved back to India with my wife in 2019 from UAE, where I lived for 13 years and worked as an IT professional. We live in Pune, the city which once was known to have the maximum number of two wheelers in Asia. 

As we touched base back to our homeland, my wife insisted that we buy an electric vehicle. We decided to test ride different bikes, but were not very happy with the performance of any of them, except when we finally found our dream scooter in Bajaj Chetak. And in no time we booked the electric scooter by paying an advance of Rs 2000.

However as fate would have it, Covid caused a global lockdown and we had to wait for 9 months for our vehicle. But in October 2020, we eventually became proud owners of the Bajaj Chetak. As of today, we have covered 6500 Kms of distance in our scooter, which is used for my wife's office commute as well as our daily chores and activities.

The biggest advantage of the scooter is that it is super smooth and has no lag in acceleration. The highlight of our journey with the electric scooter was when we rode it to the ghats and were pleasantly surprised at its performance and pick-up capacity.

I have also featured this in my YouTube channel, EV Guru, which mainly talks about information on Indian electric vehicles, authentic reviews of EV users, comparisons, Government EV policies, to name a few. I am happy to share that through my channel, I have inspired my followers and viewers to invest in electric vehicles. Not only that, we are so thrilled to have purchased the electric scooter, that we have become an ambassador of the same when it comes to our friends and family, who have also bought an EV.

Additionally, when it comes to challenges with the Bajaj Chetak, I have absolutely no complaints. However, the only challenge I faced was while setting up a charging station for the scooter, which I eventually overcame as it was extremely easy and convenient for me. I established a 10 MPR socket in my personal parking and pulled a cable from the meter. It was as simple as that. 

Amazingly, my maid also got motivated by our decision and bought an Okinawa for her personal use. We even helped her to install her own personal charging point which she now uses to charge her electric scooter.