HoEV- Dr. Harjinder Kaur Gill

"My family and I are quite happy with my EV car."
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

“I have a daily travel of about 60km on a regular workday going to the laboratory and back. Previously I owned a conventional petrol-powered car for commuting and eventually had a chauffeur to drive me to work and back. As things proceeded, I realised the parking troubles of a sedan car, the rising fuel and maintenance costs along with the chauffeur expenses, the whole monthly budget was taking a significant hit. I did consider buying a smaller car like a hatchback and learned to drive it around for a while. Eventually one day, me and my husband stumbled upon the electric vehicle solution in the form of the Mahindra e2O.

It's been seven long years since then and we have barely spent Rs. 40,000/- on the car repairs or maintenance so far. In fact, our whole family is so happy with the switch to EV that now we have added two more EV to our family. We gifted my father-in-law an EV scooter and also added a Pedalease EV cycle to our garage since we go biking regularly on weekends.

From parking stress to maintenance woes to fuel expenses - everything has been reduced and over a longer span of time has made us a huge saving in time and money. I drive around 60km and I need to fully charge the e2O once every two days. And that too happens at my own house. No more long queue-ups outside petrol stations for me. The switch from a conventional petrol-powered car to an EV was one of the best decisions I have made so far.

My family and I are quite happy with the car. Though it's a small car, in a busy city like Pune, it ticks all boxes for me as an individual working woman.

Also, having raised a family with kids, it is natural for me to think about the future

generations and switching to a greener solution like EV has been a small but constructive step in that direction for us as a family. My daughter loves the EVs in our house.

I only wish that the charging infrastructure improves soon so that we can go for longer drives and enjoy road-trips with minimal damage to the environment. I believe goEgo is the answer to our first family EV long drive. As a mother, I would be more than happy to convince the next generation to adopt EV earlier for a sustainable future for Earth. We all need to change our lifestyle if we want a better future. And we need to start now. The government too is being supportive by providing all possible subsidies, remaking policies that are urging citizens to change to a healthier and greener EV lifestyle. “We as a family are super-happy and satisfied to be the early EV adopters.”

Dr. Gill, we are happy to have you as a part of the growing EV family.


Name: Dr. Harjinder Kaur Gill

Profession: Pathologist

Location: Pune (State: Maharashtra)