HoEV-Lohith R. Harake

"It's a means to my end. I'm able to save money and time for family. And that counts a lot."
August 18, 2022
Humans of EV

“Switching from a conventional petrol-powered scooter to an EV is something we largely attribute to the urban population. And hailing from a lesser-known town of Basanalgade, Chikkodi in Karnataka – I sure had to make some strong arguments to convince my family to sell the existing conventional petrol-powered scooter in exchange for an EV. Being a bus driver by profession, I am aware of the ill-sides of pollution and the cost involved and as a farmer by birth, I am conscious about nurturing my land. So naturally it made a lot of sense for me to consider an EV for my way of life. So, I went ahead and got my EV from Tunwal Group in our town and as of today, almost 11-12 of my friends have bought brand new EVs from them.”

“This is my prime source of mobility and with a daily run of about 60km, I found EVs as a sustainable means to my end. Not only do I get to save up more towards my child’s education, I also get to spend more time with them, than making long trips to the petrol station. I do see the EVs as a hassle-free solution in a town where garages for regular maintenance are far and few, and gas stations are far away.”


“Although, I do feel the need for a fast-charging solution. That will help me with more time to invest in farming and family. Also, an established charging network will allow me to travel longer distances, which is currently limited to about 75km of range on a single charge. And it takes about 6 hours on the regular Level 1 120v wall socket. I am saving up to upgrade to the newly launched Lithium batteries and a fast-charging option.”

Lohit, we are happy to have you as a part of the growing EV family and we hope to get you charged up fast, real soon!


Name: Lohit R Harake

Profession: Bus Driver and a Farmer

Location: Basanalgadde, (Town: Chikkodi, Dist: Belgaum, State: Karnataka)