Journey from being an Engineer to Green Engineer

Journey from being an Engineer to Green Engineer
August 18, 2022

The love for automobiles has been forever, reminding me of the time, when my dad used to take me to the Army Day Auto Expo., where we would get to see so many different cars, and how the entire industry was absorbing new technologies, promoting indigenous researches and developments in the rugged Indian conditions.

Fast forward to my adult life while I was doing my Master’s thesis paper on off-highway vehicles (Cummins Turbo Technologies) and my career moved from being in the automobile industry to the automotive industry.

The global energy landscape is changing drastically and is aiming at a more sustainable and bio contributive approach. My generation is fighting hard at the intersection of climate change, racial diversity and all these things. I want to be the voice to elevate and highlight the importance of clean vehicles. This shift in mindset came to me after driving an e-vehicle for the first time, last year. It is rightly said in the EV market that " butts in seats" can do wonders. It is truly a magic formula for increasing adoption and selling an EV.

Until I tried it, I didn’t know how much interesting it is to drive one and what the technology can offer. As an electrical engineer who keeps the world running and developing everything from power, I wanted to build back better which made me look for options, and hence I took a turn from being an electrical engineer to being a green engineer.

Green engineering is in an interesting phase in electric vehicle technology today with so many companies are moving towards positioning themselves in the market. I have a wide area of opportunities for innovations and using my knowledge in a much smarter and efficient way. I have been studying my whole engineering on how to save every drop of watts and this field is providing me to apply all my energy efficiency formulas to make the world more sustainable. Being in the EV industry is not just an environmental investment but also a very great learning experience for me.

Though in India, it is still in the buzz stage but its growth is going to be explosive and disruptive, crushing the existing mobility market and everything we know about mobility. It is actually riding the internet S-curve of the early 2000s.

I live by the quote that says, “Don’t think that you can shift later in this industry and make a change let’s do it early in your career and do it now.”

This change is going to happen sooner or later, we all know but the sooner we realise the better it will be for us all.