World Emission Day 2021

The message is pretty simple – “Giving our planet one day off a year”, the idea is to give Mother Earth some rest!
August 18, 2022

Everybody deserves a break! We all agree with that and so does our planet.


Zero Emissions Day is a worldwide movement that aims to put the global 24-hour moratorium on the combustion of fossil fuels and everything started in 2008 when the founder Ken Wallace launched a website in Nova Scotia, Canada, calling for September 21st to be a day where no fossil fuels are consumed.


The message is pretty simple – “Giving our planet one day off a year”, the idea is that everyone gets a ‘rest day’ so why not give our planet rest from emissions and pollution?


This day is just not a day to observe and reduce the combustion of fossil fuels for 24 hours but also an opportunity to raise awareness amongst everyone on the amounts of fossil fuels that are used worldwide every single day and share info about how each and every one of us could minimize our carbon footprint on this day and in the long run.


It is to no surprise that India ranks 3rd in the global list, accounting for 2.46 billion metric tons of carbon emission. This number is quite serious and we as a country, as an individual should take this seriously upon ourselves and start acting now and reduce the carbon emission.


The most effective way to reduce carbon emission is with faster adoption of EV by the masses. Not only the government, but also a lot of private ventures are making efforts to educate people the need of thee-mobility revolution and how this hour stands to be important for that.


Ultimately, policymakers can take the horse to the water, but they can’t make it drink the water. Finally, it is us who has to understand the importance of reduction in emission ultimately reaching to the goal of zero emission.